Most offline businesses have made their presence online in one form or another. With so many websites popping up on the Internet daily, it can be hard to know exactly what web design entails. So many people walk a fine line between being a web designer or a graphic designer. This post will address some of the most common questions and answers that people seek in terms of web design.


Is it design, graphics or a little of both?

It can easily be described as the design and creation of a given web page or website. It doesn’t involve the creation of graphics, but the way given graphics are displayed on a page, how fast a web page loads and the different texts as well as website coding are all a major part of web design. Most people often confuse web designers with graphic artists. It is important to note that just because someone knows how to create a layout or utilize graphics, it doesn’t mean they know how to design graphics.


Is anyone able to do web design?

The answer to this question is both a yes and a no. A good portion of great web design takes a bit of natural talent, the other half requires a widespread of knowledge of web design in general. A basic form of web design can easily be accomplished by reading some of the resources available on the Internet. However, if a business owner isn’t too knowledgeable in terms of web design, it can make way for a disastrous design. It is best to leave extensive web designing to professionals. Any personal web pages can be designed by someone with minimal talent or basic web design knowledge. If someone is looking to turn this into a career path, years of experience in this field are a must.

What are some of the skills that are needed for successful web design? Becoming a web designer is an option that too many entrepreneurs pursue. This makes it imperative that something extra is brought to the table with web design. Any successful web designer should be competent in using Photoshop, Flash, HTML, XML, CSS, .jsp, .net and .asp. The latter mentioned are the basics. To be entirely competitive other talents must be combined with the web design such as coding in different languages or an extensive knowledge of graphic design.


Where does one start with becoming a web designer?

It is hard to really say, as inspiration for web design comes from different sources. The most successful web designers are extensively educated and constantly take classes in the field of web design. Since web design elements constantly evolve and change, as well as the web design programs used, it is crucial that a web designer is well-versed in all areas.

Is the web design market highly over-saturated? About a decade ago, web design used to be a niche skill that most people lacked. However, in the years that followed the success of online websites such as Twitter and Facebook, web design is no longer a highly sought after skill. There is rarely a person out there who doesn’t have some form of basic web design knowledge. This means that as a whole, web design is a highly competitive and over saturated field.

Web design as a career or hobby appeals to so many people that is has become an over-marketed niche over the years. Many folks, who once earned a living with web design, need to expand their skills and knowledge to be competitive in this field. This means stretching their field of expertise into SEO, Social Marketing and Link building. This article has discussed and addressed some of the most common concerns about web design.

What exactly is web design

It can become ambiguous to say the least. I hope this post has shed some light into what web design is all about.


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