The easiest way to do local SEO

The easiest way to do local SEO for your WordPress website.  First, let us define SEO.  It is a synonym for “Search Engine Optimization”.  I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible.

A lot has been written about SEO matter of fact there are hundreds of pages, posts, and books about SEO for local websites.  There are also thousands of tutorials online and websites that charge a hefty fee for access to their online SEO courses, some good most are bad.

The easiest way to do local SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing your website, Create brand Awareness, and reach out to build links to your website.


It can get complicated and many newbie marketers have a hard time understanding these complex algorithms and the constant changes that SEO goes through.  Google updates these changes about 500 times per year.

But all we really want is local SEO, right?  Ranking on the first page on Google is a lot easier than trying to rank Nationally or World search.  You want your website to show up for your chosen keywords on the first page of your local City.

The easiest way to do local SEO

What should the local online marketers believe?  What is the best advice someone can give these days? I will start by telling you it should NOT cost you a ton of money to get information on this subject, as a matter of fact, the cost should be free! Ok… Let us continue.

SEO is organic search

Organic search listings are unpaid listings.  It is a way to get your website top ranking without having to fork out big bucks to get a top listing on the keywords you want to rank for.  Yes, you can pay Google to have your site listed at the very top for your chosen keywords.  That is the easiest way but also the most expensive.  This is called Google Adwords and you will need an Adwords account to do this. But again in this post, I will give you the information needed for free organic search placement.

Content is everything

The most important part of your website is your content.  Of course, it should look good and load fast. Your content is what really matters it first needs to be authentic, sincere and informative.

Navigation of menu pages are important

The contact page should be a simple form where potential customers can contact you.  The about page needs to be at least 200 words describing you and your company.  Who you are and why you are in business.  Home pages are where it really matters.  You will need to muster up the best description of your business.  It will need images, photos, and a business location, at least 300 words.

Simple Site Design Works Best
The WordPress Platform is for building websites quickly. Without having to learn code.  It’s also good for SEO.

How to get on the first page of Google

Outbound links – You will need at least one outbound link two is better.  An outbound link is a hyperlink that leads to another website that is in the same niche as your website.  This is what Google and other search engines want.

Inbound links – This is basically a link on your page to another page or post on your website.  It’s best to reference your

Image attributes – It is also called the “alt tag or text tag”.  If your visitor turns off images setting on their browser it will show the text tag instead of the image.

Meta Description – This is a brief description of what your page or post is about.

Keyword Phrase What people will type in their web-browser to search for the content you will publish.

Text length – Your published post or page should be at least 300 words or so.

SEO title length The title tag should be between 50 and 60 characters. Over sixty and your title tag may get truncated at the end.

The easiest way to do local SEO

The easiest way to do local SEO

Use the Yoast plugin on your WordPress site.  It pretty much tells you what I have written in this post. It’s somewhat technical but just follow the instructions and you will be getting good results a lot faster than you would without it.

The best part is that this plugin or program is free.  You download it at the WordPress plugin directory right here.

If you need help setting this up just contact me. 

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