12 reasons why you need a website for your local business


Website for your local business


In today’s business world it is essential for all business owners to have a website.   The Internet has given many business owners whether small or large the ability to show off what they have to offer.

From the small T-shirt mom and pop printing shop to the large corporate multi-million budget business.

The question I get often is “Why do we need a website”? I’ll give you 12 reasons why you need a website for your local business. Continue reading “12 reasons why you need a website for your local business”

Website traffic for Las Cruces business

local website trafficThere has been lots of talk about the current state of website traffic for local businesses.  Google has made many changes to the way it does it business.  Gone are the days when almost anyone with any website building knowledge could get tons of free traffic from this search engine.

However, website traffic for your local business is still much easier to get than the average big time online business.  You do need keyword research, writing good content and using social media to it’s full potential

Doing these things I just mentioned are not as hard as some Internet Marketers tell you.

So what options do we have… what can the average online Entrepreneur do?

There has been lots of talk about the current state of website traffic for local businesses.  Google has made many changes to the way it does it business.  Gone are the days where almost anyone with any website building knowledge could get tons of free traffic from this search engine.

Here are 5 top tips on getting traffic to your local website.

Writing and publishing what you want your visitors to read or see.   Excellent posts, content, articles and anything else that will make your visitors want to come back time after time.  This is what Google and your online visitors want.  Why do anything else?

Useful relevant links: The top search engine is of course Google and it is now doing it’s best to filter out websites that have links that are not relevant to your own site.  So, this means linking only to sites that are relevant to your niche.   There are exceptions but if your site is new I’d stick to this linking method.

Social Media Sites:  What does this mean for a local business…it means plenty.  Facebook and Twitter are 2 of the biggest social media sites online today.   It is essential that you build a facebook fan page.  You could include links back to your website, signup page or even find products you are offering.

Continuous updates and content:  Having a static site worked very well in the past however, it is difficult to add or edit content on a daily or even weekly basis.  It is now best to have a content management website via wordpress, joomala, drupal and a slew of other software that your web designer should know.  Google loves new content and eats it up like a kid eating candy.

Email marketing:  When a potential visitors finds your site you must find a way to get his email information.  The best way is to add a newsletter page with an option to join it or give a freebie ebook, coupon or some incentive to get this person to enter his name, and email.  Once you have that you can now converse and offer other products.  Maybe you just want a way to converse with your potential customer?  You can now email your potential client or customer and point them to your services or products.

Website traffic for Las Cruces Business

There are many more way to drive website traffic to Las Cruces Business.  These five will help your site get right up there on the first page of Google and other search engines.

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WordPress websites for local business

Local Business Websites

One of the easiest ways to start a local business website is by using WordPress.org platform. So, what is WordPress? In a nutshell is a very easy way to develop, maintain and start almost any type of online business via WordPress.

It is a theme based framework that almost anyone can use to build a site. It can be used to start a normal business site regardless of how complicated you think it might be.

WordPress.org and WordPress.com what is the difference?

Do not get confused with wordpress.org and wordpress.com.  Here is a site that outlines what the big differences are.  http://www.expand2web.com/blog/wordpressorg-vs-wordpresscom-which-one-should-i-use/

WordPress websites for local business

What you really want is a blogging platform that has all the bells and whistles and wordpress.org has that plus much more.

WordPress.org is a blogging platform that needs web hosting and a domain name. You do have the ability to upload numerous themes. You can upload plugins including SEO and other important marketing programs. If you want to make money with your blog this is the platform that you want.

Here are Some Examples of Sites You Can Start

Membership site
News site
Internet Marketing
Work at Home
Offline Business
Auto Dealership
Entrepreneur Website
Brick and Mortar Websites
eCommerce Websites

And much more. Nowadays there are millions of themes you can use to start a website and it doesn’t matter what you want to do with it. Build a site that coincides with your offline business, or maybe you just want to publish your own photography, art, musical or business ideas.

Gone are the days of learning HTML, XHTML and other technical programming languages that made you shy away from publishing your own website.

WordPress.org it is a free open source blog platform or content management system.  It enables you to develop really great looking sites.  It can look similar to this one or use an existing free themed skin that is available through your dashboard.

There are still some challenges using WordPress such as installing it on your web hosting server and finding the right theme and skin. But, you would have to do that anyway using the traditional FTP and HTML editing software.

Finding the Right Business Theme.

WordPress.org has hundreds of free themes that anyone can use.  It’s just a matter of finding one that suits your needs.   For those who are just beginning I highly recommend using the free themes offered on wordpress.org.  There are also many themes that you pay for but again, you will need to upload, download and install on your server. Click here to find the right theme for your website.

Plugins that help your WordPress site

WordPress.org has a ton of free plugins that will help with almost anything you need to do. Want to rank higher in the search engines? There is a plugin for that. Need to keep spam away? Another plugin that will do just that. Need a follow-up form? Yes…another plugin that can help you add it to your blog.  It is important that you review each plugin before installing it on your blog.

Too many plugins can slow down your page from loading very frustrating for your viewers.  Using WordPress websites for local business works very well particularly for those who are just starting out.  You can always hire us to install your WordPress site.    We can also teach you how to maintain and add content to your site thus keeping your costs down. WordPress websites for local business.

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Picking a Great Website Name

There are plenty of tools out there that make the design part of your website construction a simple process, and possibly some fun while you are at it. Dreaming up the perfect name is really a lot of fun.

Consider visiting bustaname.com for a great way to do just that. On the other hand, having a website URL that is attractive to others to lure your potential visitors in – can be somewhat tricky. Picking a great website name does not have to be that hard. Keep reading below to find an effective way to find the perfect domain name for your website.




How to find the right domain name

Know the keywords that are applicable to your website. What kinds of queries or search strings should result in others finding your homepage? Variations of these are good inspirations to work with.

Depending on the topic or niche of your website, consider using geographic locations in your URL. If you are doing a website for your flower shop in Las Cruces or any city, why compete with all flower shops every where online? Put your city’s name in your url and search engines will highlight your website when anyone living around Las Cruces searches online for flowers. I am only using my home town as an example.

Try to keep your URL as short as you can. Given how many domain names are already taken, this gets harder by the year. Still, the shorter a name is, the less likely someone is to forget it or misspell it.


Make your Site Name Memorable

Whenever possible you can, make your domain name catchy. It should not only roll off the tongue of anyone that says it, but catchy names will stick in their mind a lot easier for better recall later.

Do not do anything funky, misleading, or unrelated with the spelling. Keep it plain and simple, otherwise no one will ever find your site.

Stay with using a .com suffix. Even though there are dozens upon hundreds of alternatives floating out there, most eCommerce is done through .com websites, so that is the only extension anyone will ever try.

Make sure that your domain is branded into all of your marketing and advertising materials. Having said that, do not choose anything with profanities or something obscene, even if you sell anything that is adult oriented. You do not want your marketing materials banned from anywhere just due to the website name.

Think about snatching up any domain names that are very close to yours or are typo and misspelled versions of your website. You can use these to redirect bad typers to your homepage.

Once you have a great website domain name, you should have no trouble drawing in visitors. Search engines will pick up on your relevant website name, and users will remember your catchy url. Apply all the ideas presented within this article for domain name success.

Here are some more great tips on picking a great website name: Buying A Domain Name

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Make extra money with your website

To most online folks making an extra income with a website is a big dream.  The reality is this can be done and it’s not as hard as some people think it is.  There are millions of online marketing business that claim “we will make you rich in no time”.  Of course you and I know these are false claims.  You can make extra money with your website, blog or blogger site.


Legitimate online money making progam

So what am I talking about? Google’s adsense program.  It is one of the quickest and easiest way to make some money online.   First of all you will need a website, blogging platform or any informational type website.    If you can publish a web page or blog you can make some extra money with your site.  I’ve been making money with this type venture for over 10 years.

Here are some questions I get frequently.

  1. How much can I make?
  2. What type of website do I need?
  3. How do I get paid?
  4. What type of content do I need?
  5. Is this some sort of money making scheme?

You can make as little as 10 dollars a month some websites have made over $10,00.00 in one months time.  It also depends on several factors. One of them is the niche you are in.  For instance any site in the health industry will usually have higher click thru payouts. The threshold is $100.00 USD.  So if you don’t make at least that much it carries over to the next month.

Your website has to be 100% unique…something that will tell the google adsense team – This website is what people are searching for.

You can get paid by check or have the funds deposited directly into your bank account.

You will need content that is not published elsewhere, not automated nor scraped up content from other websites.  It has to be something useful or helpful to your potential visitors.

Google’s adsense program is 100% legitimate.   Matter of fact it is free to join, no fees of any kind.   Here is a link with more information.  www.google.com/adsense

If you need help getting your website setup with adsense advertising links contact us right here: https://lascruceswebsitedesign.com/what-we-do/

What exactly is web design

Most offline businesses have made their presence online in one form or another. With so many websites popping up on the Internet daily, it can be hard to know exactly what web design entails. So many people walk a fine line between being a web designer or a graphic designer. This post will address some of the most common questions and answers that people seek in terms of web design.


Is it design, graphics or a little of both?

It can easily be described as the design and creation of a given web page or website. It doesn’t involve the creation of graphics, but the way given graphics are displayed on a page, how fast a web page loads and the different texts as well as website coding are all a major part of web design. Most people often confuse web designers with graphic artists. It is important to note that just because someone knows how to create a layout or utilize graphics, it doesn’t mean they know how to design graphics.


Is anyone able to do web design?

The answer to this question is both a yes and a no. A good portion of great web design takes a bit of natural talent, the other half requires a widespread of knowledge of web design in general. A basic form of web design can easily be accomplished by reading some of the resources available on the Internet. However, if a business owner isn’t too knowledgeable in terms of web design, it can make way for a disastrous design. It is best to leave extensive web designing to professionals. Any personal web pages can be designed by someone with minimal talent or basic web design knowledge. If someone is looking to turn this into a career path, years of experience in this field are a must.

What are some of the skills that are needed for successful web design? Becoming a web designer is an option that too many entrepreneurs pursue. This makes it imperative that something extra is brought to the table with web design. Any successful web designer should be competent in using Photoshop, Flash, HTML, XML, CSS, .jsp, .net and .asp. The latter mentioned are the basics. To be entirely competitive other talents must be combined with the web design such as coding in different languages or an extensive knowledge of graphic design.


Where does one start with becoming a web designer?

It is hard to really say, as inspiration for web design comes from different sources. The most successful web designers are extensively educated and constantly take classes in the field of web design. Since web design elements constantly evolve and change, as well as the web design programs used, it is crucial that a web designer is well-versed in all areas.

Is the web design market highly over-saturated? About a decade ago, web design used to be a niche skill that most people lacked. However, in the years that followed the success of online websites such as Twitter and Facebook, web design is no longer a highly sought after skill. There is rarely a person out there who doesn’t have some form of basic web design knowledge. This means that as a whole, web design is a highly competitive and over saturated field.

Web design as a career or hobby appeals to so many people that is has become an over-marketed niche over the years. Many folks, who once earned a living with web design, need to expand their skills and knowledge to be competitive in this field. This means stretching their field of expertise into SEO, Social Marketing and Link building. This article has discussed and addressed some of the most common concerns about web design.

What exactly is web design

It can become ambiguous to say the least. I hope this post has shed some light into what web design is all about.

Why you should pick a local website designer


You can get to know the person in full detail, visit his office, converse with them or their employees for further details. You won’t get the run-a-round associated with large designer firms.

You will get to converse with the owner, or anyone else associated with your potential website design. The CEO is usually the owner and will be much more attentive to your needs.  Questions are answered right there on the spot.

The Cost is a lot less

Smaller local website designers typically have less overhead, employees thus the price is usually lower than the big-time national firm.

The service is much more on a personal level

Personal service is much faster and if you have a problem with your design you can always call local number and get answers. Hiring a smaller local firm has many advantages.

Web Design firms are a dime a dozen from the national franchise to the local mom and pop designer. The bottom line is will this help my offline or online business. Will I get more visitors or walk-in-traffic. Can they market, advertise and do SEO for your site? And can do it at an affordable price. This are the questions you need to ask before making a final decision.

A local website designer should be well versed in all aspects of the above items. Why you should pick a local website designer? Because they are wanting your business thus making sure you are 100% happy with your own design.  Budget website design.