Tips to attract more backlinks to increase website visibilty

Tips to attract more backlinks to increase website visibilty

The world wide web and it’s resources have come of age – big time and we all know that, with each passing day thousands if not millions of newer websites enters the crazy world of online marketing. However, being successful online is never an easy thing…it’s a dog eat dog world out there.   But the success of a website depends a lot on the visibility it has got or can get on the internet.

Interestingly, a website will get tons of maximum exposure when it gets featured in the top ranked pages of search engines. However, this task of making a website top ranking in the organic search results is without a doubt a challenging one, especially for any newbie marketer doing their best to increase their website visibility.

Although there are several means a newbie webmaster or an expert webmaster could employ to make their website easily visible, the most simple yet effective means, is to, get good quality links linking back to their website.

What is the best kind of backlink?

The best kind of backlinks are those that are linked back to you without any effort on your part.  This means someone,  just tweeted, linkedin , pinned or just added your link purely for the content you have just provided your viewers with.

This is what the search engine crawlers quickly take notice of.  A website content and it’s backlinks. Therefore, as a webmaster, you should try and develop good backlinks over a period of time. How to get backlinks is a common question which most webmasters search an effective solution for, including myself. And just like yard work it is never ending task.  If someone tells you different…they are dead wrong.

Since, search engine bots prioritize websites with better backlinks or quality backlinks, as a website owner, you should try and achieve links from websites that have quality content and those that are closely related to the contents of your own website.

However, no matter what, if your website does not have any contents of substance, the chances of visitors reaching your website could take a dip thereby reducing the possibility of other websites linking back to your webpages. Therefore, you need to have good unique content that keeps people interested and wanting to come back for more from your website.  This is why tutorial and how to sites are so popular.

Another great way to increase website visibility is to do social networking.  These social websites are another great resource when it comes to achieving backlinks. Since, there are millions of people who use social networking sites on a daily basis, you could be rest assured to get quite a handful number of social backlinks.

Having said that, it would be better to screen the kind of backlinks you get from social websites since, lots of backlinks of lesser quality could eventually affect your website page rank.

What about you? Do you have any “Tips to attract more backlinks to increase website visibilty”?  If so let us know by commenting below.


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