Promoting Your Blog: Promoting your new niche content blog

There are millions of niche content bloggers on the Internet. With so much competition, it can be hard to get your work noticed, even if you consistently write quality content for your site.

Internet marketing can make all the difference by integrating social media and consistent writing your work will get noticed by the people who are in need of your services or products.  The following tips will give you the advantage over other sites out there and should increase your readership and revenue.

Social Media Will Help

Learn your way around social media sites. In particular, become familiar with the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media sites are free to join, and when used correctly, they can increase your popularity by leaps and bounds.

They are all somewhat different, so it is important to learn the ins and outs of them all. There all have rules that you have to abide by, but it can be done with persistent blog posts and the right attitude you can get followers, subscribers, leads or sales.  One of the biggest benefits of social media is increased website traffic.

The number way to promote your blog

Promoting your new niche content blog

You will need to post content often. Two or three times a week is a good number. Once per day is ok…but numerous times per day is best.  Yea, I know it is hard to write numerous times per day. If writing is your hobby this should be no problem for you, however, most people have a challenging time writing but you could hire expert writers to write the content for you.

Here is a small legitimate list.


Your posts should include a link to your blog with a blurb about the latest post you made. The other two updates should be helpful or interesting content related to your niche. For example, if your blog is focused on home construction, you could post informative tips on the latest construction equipment or stucco repair. This is the type of information that your followers will share with others, giving you free publicity.

Run contests or giveaways.

The best way to get people invested in your site is to offer them something. Think about giving away a free product, an informative e-book, a coupon for a discount, or some information to another site, etc. Think first about what you need; you could ask people to comment on your blog to get an entry into the contest. You could also provide additional entries when they “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.

If one of these is more of a priority than the others, you could offer three contest entries for the one that you are most interested in, two entries for another, and one entry for the third. If you are concerned about the time investment that such a giveaway will require, keep in mind that there are sites online that can help you set up your promotions and do much of the work for you. You can use a website called for some great discount coupons for your visitors.

Include videos in your blog posts.

Yeah, I know videos are hard to do.  But did you know you can do a good video using your smartphone.  You don’t have to do this every time you put up added content, but an occasional video will help with website visitors.

Videos give your readers a little variety. Instead of constantly reading a text, they will have the opportunity to visually see what you are talking about. In addition, some concepts are easier to explain through a video than they would be if you wrote them down.

Make sure, however, that you carefully plan out your video messages. These should be of the same type of quality content as your written posts are.  You do NOT have to purchase professional equipment or people.  If done correctly you can do this with a smartphone.

It does matter what niche or sub-niche you are in; it is imperative that you promote, market, and provide your visitors with the best possible content or material you can muster up.

Having great content on your blog is only one step toward increasing the number of readers you have. By utilizing certain internet marketing techniques, your blog’s popularity will soon soar!

Do you have comments or suggestions? We are open to all those who post quality comments.

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