There are plenty of tools out there that make the design part of your website construction a simple process, and possibly some fun while you are at it. Dreaming up the perfect name is really a lot of fun.

On the other hand, having a website URL that is attractive to others to lure your potential visitors it can be somewhat tricky. Picking a great website name does not have to be that hard. Keep reading below to find an effective way to find the perfect domain name for your website.

How to find the right domain name

Know the keywords that are applicable to your website. What kinds of queries or search strings should result in others finding your homepage? Variations of these are good inspirations to work with.

Depending on the topic or niche of your website, consider using geographic locations in your URL. If you are doing a website for your flower shop in Las Cruces or any city, why compete with all flower shops everywhere online?

Put your city’s name in your URL and search engines will highlight your website when anyone living around your town searches online for flowers there is a good likely hood of finding your local website on the first page of Google listing.

Try to keep your URL as short as you can. Given how many domain names are already taken, this gets harder by the year. Still, the shorter a name is, the less likely someone is to forget it or misspell it.

Make your Site Name Memorable

Picking a Great Website Name

Whenever possible you can also make your domain name catchy. It should not only roll off the tongue of anyone that says it, but catchy names will stick in their mind a lot easier for better recall later.

Avoid doing anything funky, misleading, or unrelated to the spelling. Keep it plain and simple, otherwise, it may become difficult to find or promote your website.

Stay with using a .com suffix. Even though there are dozens upon hundreds of alternatives floating out there, most eCommerce is done through .com websites, so that is the only extension anyone will ever try.  You can use other extensions such as .edu, .net or .org. These are specialty extensions.  The .edu is for educational sites. The .net extension is used for technology type websites and the .org is for organizations.

Make sure that your domain is branded into all of your marketing and advertising materials. Having said that, do not choose anything with profanities or something obscene, even if you sell anything that is adult-oriented. You do not want your marketing materials banned from anywhere just due to the website name.

Think about snatching up any domain names that are very close to yours or are a typo and misspelled versions of your website. You can use these to redirect bad types to your homepage.

Once you have a great website domain name, you should have no trouble drawing in visitors. Search engines will pick up on your relevant website name, and users will remember your catchy URL. Apply all the ideas presented within this article for domain name success.

There are hundreds if not thousands of domain registrars in the U.S. and many of them are scams.  Purchase a domain name from a reputable domain name registrar.  I’ve been using and they are top-notch when it comes to online support.

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