Make an Income with Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? In a nutshell it is promoting other people’s products and or services.  First you have to find merchants that have affiliate programs.  However it’s that you find merchants that have products or services that you are interested in.

One of the hardest parts of selling stuff online is having to put up with disgruntled customers, returns, and support.  However with this type of marketing the merchant has those worries – not you. Of course the percentage of the sale is much less than what the merchant gets.

Having a website is the first step into affiliate marketing.  Now it’s time to find the right products for your marketing.  It is best to find products that interest you.  Why, because it is much easier to promote something you have an interest in.

Finding Products to Sell

One really cool place for finding products or services is at  They have thousands of affiliate products for your site.  From financial help to the best blog theme templates.

It is best to buy a domain name that resembles the products that you want to promote. As an example we will have a person who wants a site about wines.  Find a domain name that coincides with wine.  Example:  Once your site is published and you have content it’s time to start adding affiliate links that you are interested in.

This is actually the easy part.  The hard part is getting customers, visitors to your site.  Once there they will hopefully click on your affiliate link? The best way to get folks to click on your affiliate link is to have actually purchased the product. Now you can give positive or negative reviews.

Search Engine Optimization is a good viable way top get your site noticed on the organic search engines.  Another excellent option is to buy online advertising.  There are several ways to do this.  Google adwords can help with your marketing needs.  However it is imperative that you find someone who can help you succeed in this type of advertising.  Adwords can become an absolute nightmare…if not done correctly.

Another practical option is to advertise in ezines.  Ezines is short for online magazine.  Just like store-bought paper magazines they have places for advertising.

It is important that you create a success system.  Once you find out what works stick with it.  Find ways to make it more profitable, track your progress and do not be afraid to change your strategy.

Making a tons of money in a short time will not happen, matter of fact it will take time before it becomes profitable. This is not some sort of get rich quick opportunity but it is a viable way to make an income. It will come in bits and pieces…that I guarantee.

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